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Friday, October 19, 2012

Busy with Windows 8 app development

Since past 8 months working on Windows 8 app development, trying to learn its feature, everyday i discover new features.

Its being awesome working for long hours and developing apps and now after few months I am able to complete my apps.

I have completed my one app named "Know Your Tomorrow" which is somehow similar to the Astrology app that I developed for Windows Phone 7, but here I have made it dynamic, thanks to Aditee Rele (Microsoft DPE),, Ramaprasanna (Microsoft DPE), Priyanka Agrawal (Fractal Ink Design Studio), Sandeep Alur(Microsoft DPE) and Jithesh madakkath (Developer at Quadwave).

Now on way to certification, hope so it would soon get certified and I will have my first app of Windows 8 store.

Live Free, Think Big, Make Big :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Moving towards Dream with my team

Atlast I have found a team to work with, my college mates of total 4 members are now in team to go for the development of the innovation..!!

Yesterday we planned our first app for windows phone 7.8 OS, and started working for it….Our team includes Parag, Niranjan, Kritika and myself.

Parag and Kritika going to handle the design pattern for the app and me and Niranjan going for the code base of the app. Our journey begins now, its a long go, will make it move to the top, My dream from past 6 years begins now and here we move.

I will keep updating with the behind the scenes of our work and some fun time Smile

So guys tighten up your shoes, here’s the time to move on…. Lets Bring it ON…!!! Smile

Friday, January 7, 2011

About ME

I am human leaving on planet Earth, borned in India.
from long time I had got many dreams like when i first got computer I thought of becoming computer engineer, though i dont knew what it actually means.... Later got to know, then everyone said computer engineering scope has moved down, so dont go towards it.... but I still wanted to go and now me waiting for my 12th best result, as it wuld get I will try to go for IT engineering or I had second option as Robotics and automation because I am very much interested in making human interact with the virtual world, want to make human life much easy want to do something for the world, where I am leaving and using its resources.
I have got much dreams about technology and I would achieve it.

My dream to make "something" which no one has ever thought of, to make something which would surprise everyone and I wait for that day, for that I have to work hard have to go high.......have to move on......!!
I made this blog because i always thought that when I will be on top then, people would love to read about me then this would help them to do so......!!
So here I begin With....
Welcome ....Welcome to
My Future My World...!!